Ms.Tara Binek

I am super excited to announce my [first ever] POP UP SHOP at SPECIALME!! I have been spending the last several months designing, creating, photographing, and dealing with a whole lot of indecision on my part.

The concept is based around the obvious: Fashion + Travel + Waves.. and will capture the essence a day in the life of a ladyslider.

My hope is that it will come together in a beautiful chaos kind of way. It’s really hard when you realize your a borderline crazy beach lady and a well-curated room could turn yard sale in a heartbeat. But I’m excited to offer some of my favorite designers in my little pop up includingSamudra, Surf Bazaar, Issa de’ Mar, Muther of All Things, Posh Pua, and Lanikai Pot and Plant [just to name a few.] Which will make it all the better and gives me peace of mind. Nothing can go wrong when you’ve got beautiful, rad brands on your side. I hope.

These last couple days will be hectic ones and I’m hoping it will all come together. No blood [yet], a lot of sweat, and a few tears so far. We will see how I fair until Wednesday! Please stop by, pop your head in. And if you aren’t into surfing.. or fashion.. or travel at least come have a Pogmosa with me!

Ladyslider x SpecialME. Please check it out if you can!